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Glenn Beck
"Under Drake's Flag is a 'rip roaring' adventure story that teaches foundational moral values and brings 'true' Christian history to life... There's simply nothing like it... Give your kids and grandkids, Under Drake's Flag this Christmas" -- Glenn Beck

Brian Godawa"Under Drake's Flag on audio is the future of audiobook entertainment. Like the radio dramas of old, this high quality production brings alive a classic tale for all ages with movie-like adaptation, brilliant acting, awesome sound effects, and soul-stirring music. Quite frankly, it's phenomenal. It blends history, action, and romance into a gripping story that has the effect on the imagination of watching an epic blockbuster. I can't wait for the next one." -- Brian Godawa, Hollywood screenwriter, To End All Wars; Author of the bestselling, Chronicles of the Nephilim

"Dramatic and artistic excellence continues to rise! Under Drake's Flag has all of the dramatic and moral themes that will capture the heart and imagination of every child and adult. In a day when the imagination has been replaced by Hollywood's distortions, this is a story that will be used as tool for awakening the heart and the mind." -- Mark Hamby, Executive Producer of Lamplighter Theatre

Colin Gunn, Indoctrination

"When I heard about the production of Under Drake's Flag from Henty Audio Theater, I knew it had to be good. When I finally got the chance to listen, it surpassed by far all of my expectations. I instantly recognized the powerful voice of the narrator Brian Blessed, one of the premier acting talents in Britain. This, coupled with the resounding classical score from musician John Campbell, the high quality sound design from Mark Drury, and the creative story adaptation from John Fornof, all combine to bring the voice of the great G.A. Henty alive for our generation. What a great service the creators of this work have done to provide wholesome, inspiring media for families looking for intelligent and entertaining Christian media." - Colin Gunn

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"I have seven children, and they listen to audio CDs all the time. And when they're listening to the CDs they're normally playing with [other toys], because the CDs don't always hold their attention so they're doing other things. When I put Under Drake's Flag in and they started hearing the story... They stopped what they were doing and they turned, just sat there and they just looked at the CD player because they were so blown away, and just mesmerized by the tale. You could see in their eyes that they were playing up the scenarios they were told on the CDs. These are absolutely fantastic! My oldest daughter, whose 13, had listened to a reading of the book Under Drake's Flag and she said this was so much better. I just wanted to thank you for putting this together, have a great day!" - Kahlid Hassoun

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Utterly Captivating!

"This audio drama is amazing! It's one for both adults and children. It engages the mind and the heart. Wonderfully presented, professionally produced, and utterly captivating. Thank you for making this available." - Perry Coughlin

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Paul Dorr

"Deb (my wife) and I listened to both hours (over two nights) with our youngest child (10 yr. old son, Ethan) and his older sisters. It was such a joy to watch him as he turned to his next oldest sister with fear, excitement and resolution in his face... literally. (Especially the dark dungeon/inquisition scene.) The Christo centricity to it all takes it above and beyond any other children's drama that we've ever heard. The ongoing principles of just war and loving your enemies is so very powerful. And Ethan, who would even be animated at times while following the story-line, got those points very well as a boy could. The use of force/violence throughout is ever and always so defensive, nothing more.

When we finished it he looked at me and asked, 'When's Mr. Heid making the next one?'

Deb agreed, the audio approach certainly does open up a child's imagination through it all. You've created a wonderful tool for Christian parents to use with their children and grand-children.

Christos Kurios" - Paul R. Dorr

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"'Awakens' is the key word in Producer Bill Heid's presentation of the adventuresome and captivating life of master Francis Drake and the brave and daring young mariner, Ned Hearne. I was so stirred by the video promo that I ordered immediately. Once on board, I never looked back. The rousing and rollicking tale introduced me to one of history's premiere storytellers, G. A. Henty and his gift of calling forth the better angels of human character, nobility, courage and virtue.

I heartily and gratefully commend the team of experts Bill has gathered to tell the tale that could penetrate the dull and sullen spirit of many of our young people and raise up a new generation of bold and conscientious contenders for life lived with vigor and abandon." - John Beal

Utterly Magnificent!
Andrea Schwartz

"My only regret is that it came to an end. The characters are so genuinely portrayed, it is as though I had to say goodbye to good friends.

And the message of Christian character and reliance on the Almighty is presented in a seamless, natural way. Listeners will learn that fulfilling the dominion call of God on their lives is truly an adventure." - Andrea Schwartz

"In a culture where many times boys never become men, remaining in a boyish life of self-indulgence without thought for the responsibilities God entrusted to them, this new Christian audio drama is a light in that darkness. In a society where more times than not Christian storytelling presents the Biblical truth in a rather "open mouth insert foot" way, Under Drake's Flag is a spiritual audio story that delivers biblical insights seamlessly throughout in an innovative way that will engage the hearts of listeners everywhere.

Many students have studied in school for years about a foreign country but when they actually step off a plane and experience the people of the culture through immersion, they gain a true understanding that stays with them forever. This dramatic audio is like that immersion experience. The script catalysts the history student through immersive sound effects, music and acting to make history a subject forever etched on the listener's imagination. Thank you, Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty Team, for blessing us with this life-changing educational and entertaining tool!" - Peter James Johnson

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Jan Ross

"To be honest, I am surprisingly amazed! This takes me back to the days when my husband and I would turn off the lights at night and listen to radio theatre. It became difficult to fall asleep because the dramas were so vivid, so real, and the imagined visuals were not only profound but memorable and impactful. The voices and sounds completely drew us in. This audio drama is no different except, perhaps, that the underlying message consistently communicates character-building principles while it conveys eternal truths to the listener.

Under Drakes Flag audio drama is a most professionally-written and performed presentation. From the music to the actors to the script -- every aspect of this is a treasure just waiting to be discovered by young and old alike. All should be challenged to step away from graphics, high tech media, television and gaming, and tap into their imagination to relive this story of strength, character and integrity. Our young people should be encouraged to close their eyes and exercise their imaginations and allow themselves to be captured by the story, the sound effects and the musical score. Ultimately, no listener will be able to resist being drawn into the characters and the underlying message.

I would love to see this distributed to schools, public and private alike, as an addition to their audio libraries. I'm more than impressed with this project ... job well done!" - Jan Ross - President, Heart of God International

"Last weekend, we experienced our first listening party of the audio drama of Under Drake's Flag. We turned the lights low, so our imaginations would not be distracted. And from the very beginning the exciting music, narrator, and the other voice actors -- even the sound effects -- entice you into being there. So refreshing with G.A. Henty's genuine history lesson wrapped in the chivalrous example of biblical manhood even in the heat of battle. Our oldest son has read most of the Henty novels, and enjoys history. And as homeschoolers we listened to many audio dramas as we traveled the country, it helped form our son's character. Bravo to all involved, especially to those who saw the vision and financially backed this new endeavor. I recommend this to anyone, who wants to steer their children's imagination back to biblical, accurate historical adventure." - Deb F.

"Thank you for producing this unique, sterling scholarly work on Sir Francis Drake. It is exciting for me to know there is a Drake renewal underway in the United States of America. As a hero, Drake's exciting, adventurous and innovative life is definitely worth studying. He was a man who constantly lived life with unwavering Christian character and conviction." - Michael Turner, Author of 'In Drakes Wake'

"The sound effects are simply amazing and the acting phenomenal. Our 5 year old kept asking, 'What's going to happen to that boy?' He called it his 'radio movie.' He was hooked, as will any child be who listens. It is something that children will listen to over and over." - Julie of Nashville Tennessee

"I really enjoyed Under Drake's Flag. It was an exciting adventure story, and a history lesson to boot. What a wonderful way to learn history! I can't tell you how refreshing it is, in this day and age, to hear true virtue extolled, honor, courage, chivalry, humility and the practical outworking of Christian faith. It was wonderfully presented in this story. I appreciate it as well, that true manhood was exemplified and extolled and encouraged in a way that will surely inspire boys and young men to be real men. I heartily endorse and recommend Under Drake's Flag to anyone who loves history, who loves a good adventure, and anyone who has a desire to return to the foundational principles upon which to build character, strong families and nations. Again, just a great story, thank you!" - Jim F

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"I just finished listening to the new audio drama G.A. Henty's Under Drake's Flag. Wow. Where to begin? As an audio drama this is on par with the great works, like Adventures in Odyssey or Lamplighter Theater. In terms of story, it reminds me very much of what G.K. Chesterton would write, or GA Henty or any of the great authors that I've grown up reading, so getting to hear it as an audio drama is just a great pleasure. It was a lot of fun to hear some of the actors that I got to meet when I went to London with Lamplighter, Philip Kendrid and Chris Emmett. That was a great joy for me to hear. And as a reflection on manhood, it was profound. Especially when they were getting ready to go for the Great Inquisition and they were talking about what does it mean to be a man, and how does God use trials to affirm our manhood does. All in all I give it five out of five stars and highly recommend it." - Anthony Barr

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"We listened to Henty this week, Under Drake's Flag, and we are a homeschool family of five. And we all loved it. Everyone was a big fan of the audio drama. We have listened to Lamplighter Productions in the past so we are quite familiar with the audio format; however we thought that Under Drake's Flag was just done very superiorly. We loved the action, the sounds we - the girls loved the love story... even I think the boys loved the love story a little bit.

We enjoyed the easy-to-listen-to nature of the book. Even though it's an old classic, it was very timely and very good word for the culture today that my kids live in. We drew comparisons to things in our world, such as persecution of the Christians in modern society, and drew connections to the Holy Inquisition and how that affected history.

The entire production was very well done. As a family we're very excited about this project and we hope that you will produce more audio dramas for families and homeschool families in the future. We appreciate everything you've done, thank you very much for a quality production." - Lindsey Cox of North Carolina

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Hear what Lindsey's family thought:

Incredibly Enchanting!

"As homeschooling parents of eleven, nine sons and two daughters, ages 18-2 years, my husband and I are always on the lookout for new and exciting learning tools. So naturally we were thrilled to have the opportunity to preview this incredibly enchanting audio drama! Under Drake's Flag is an awe-inspiring tale that weaves grand high seas adventure with unfaltering faith, perseverance and self-sacrifice. It was an absolute delight to watch our children as they listened, eyes wide with excitement, hanging breathlessly on every word! They were completely captivated!

Our modern society is sadly lacking examples of strong, courageous, masculine men with hearts for God. As Christian parents and home educators we have both the extraordinary privilege and obligation to instill these traits in our sons. We must empower them to change the world and win it back for Christ, even as the world presses on every side, tempting them with its promises of fortune and fame. We must teach our children to strive and fight for something greater than themselves, and this extraordinary production does just that! A magnificent score, flawless acting and a timeless message make Under Drake's Flag a truly unforgettable experience! Thank you Bill and the entire Henty Alive team!" - Sarah Cassman, Gallatin, TN

"I just finished listening to the Henty Production and I was just calling to say the Henty drama was actually very encouraging. My whole family and I sat down to listen to it and time went by quicker than we expected. We just got lost in the drama and the story. One thing we came away with, and this one thing I was encouraged by, was that through all the trials of the characters was faith. In our life, God doesn't remove the hardships but he uses them instead to actually build the depthless character that really can't be shaken by the temptations that the world brings our way. And you see that through some of the characters when they're faced with a decision: whether they were going to honor their word, or God, or were they going to give in? It was a good story. May God bless you guys for what you're doing. Thank you" - Jeff Dixon Jr.

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"What I loved about Under Drake's Flag... It's a message, not just for your mind but for the marrow in your bones. It's a visceral message. It's not an education; it's an enlightenment as to what it takes to be human. And you don't get to sit on the couch and be a human being. I challenge anyone to listen to this and not feel their throat pulse, not feel the blood coursing through their veins, not feel a sense of that taste of saltwater on their lips. I dare them not to be able to smell the gunpowder in their nostrils when you hear some of the battles that you've set up in this. I dare them! This is as much a message for your mind as it is for the marrow in your bones. It's a visceral message, all the way down to your spine, Under Drake's Flag will grab you." - Brian Brawdy

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My grandson was mesmerized, as was I.

"I am in awe of what you have accomplished here! This audio theatre production is enthralling right from the very beginning. It's obvious that you've spared no expense in bringing this era of exploration to the modern age as a reminder of our heritage and the people who risked life and limb as they embarked across oceans and continents with little more than faith and determination to sustain them.

This isn't mere story-telling. This format involves the listener in not just the story, but also in the setting itself. You can almost smell the brine of the ocean, you can feel the excitement of the boys as they set sail with Drake, you thrill at the suspense through the musical score as the story progresses. I love the fact that this is for all ages and all family members. My grandson was mesmerized, as was I. This so wonderfully showcases the principles and character that have underpinned western civilization for so many centuries and it reinforces them to our children--those qualities of independence, self-reliance, determination, and forging ahead despite our trepidation and fears. This reminds us of the pioneer explorer spirit which discovered this country, and compels us to believe that with these same traits, anything is possible. A production of excellence, first and foremost." - Hanne Moon, Heritage Press Publications

Exceptional -- 5 stars!

"After listening to Under Drake's Flag with my 5, 4, and 2 year old, I can sincerely say, we were all captivated with the storyline. Once the 2nd CD was over, the kids kept asking, &039;is there more?' This audio drama is exceptionally written and the Christian foundation of the storyline is extremely fascinating. The characters, music, and special effects felt as though we were in a theatre. You could literally see the my children's imagination at work by only listening, which is something I feel is so important in this day and age of technology. This production easily was able to keep the attraction of my small children (and myself!). I, as the parent, even found myself emotionally absorbed by the characters. At one point in the car, during the scene where Ned was fighting the shark, I looked back and my 2 year old had the biggest eyes and mouth wide open in awe.

Unbelievable props to the producers of this drama. Exceptional, 5 stars, highest ratings to this production company. We can't wait for the next one! " - Sarah Tyler

JD Sutter

"Awesome!!! This is a grand slam of a production; top-notch in every aspect. It's full of action, adventure and drama while also driving home some powerful morals of honor, chivalry and reliance on God. I'm thoroughly excited about this series and I can't wait to see where this goes!" - JD Sutter, Audio Theatre Central

"I just got Under Drake's Flag. It is absolutely outstanding! I was listening to it on my way into work this morning, and I wanted to keep driving. I didn't want it to stop! It's so, so good! I recommend it to everyone; it's definitely a Christmas present for anyone of all ages. It's a phenomenal, phenomenal story. Thank you very much!" -- Dawn R.

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"First of all I just wanted to say well done. This audio drama was incredible and I was amazed by the quality of every single piece of the production -- Great job! I was affected, specifically, by hearing more of what the characters did more than talk about manhood and the greatness that the Lord has called us to, but we were also able to see Ned and Gerald live out the calling of manhood through the difficult times and through the easy times. And we were able to see the counterparts of cowards and other men, and see the greatness of true manhood. As a young woman, it really encourages me to live up to being a lady and a sister, to see my brothers encouraged and living up to their calling of manhood. So I thank you for bringing this story to life and I ask that you would continue to record because you have a wealth of supplies in G.A. Henty and these stories are truly a blessing. Thank you!" -- Heidi Olson

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"They did a good job on it; it was inspiring to see how one man can inspire the world. Thank you so much it was really great." -- Benjamin Olson

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"...The part where they're fighting the Spanish, the Africans are fighting the Spanish, where Ned says you won't touch any woman or fight any man that is unarmed... I just thought that was really cool, and that they kept their honor – they kept their name. Thank you!" -- Zechriah Olson

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"My family loved, loved, loved Under Drake's Flag. And we are so thankful that you guys made this program. We've already decided it will be Christmas gifts for everyone, for all of my nieces and nephews and anyone else we can think of." -- Amanda R.

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"Under Drake's Flag was true to life. I've never read the book, so I was both entertained and riveted. I recommend this audio drama as great family entertainment." -- Patty Jackson

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"Growing up our kids loved Adventures in Odyssey by Focus on the Family. When David was hospitalized, he always took his cassette player and his Odyssey tapes with him. Sleepless, painful nights as the tape finished, so as to not wake me, David would whisper to his nurse, who was checking his vitals or drawing his blood, 'Would you please turn the tape over for me? Thanks.'

During the day when he was able, he would often read G. A. Henty adventures. And when he wasn't able to read to himself, he would enjoy others reading to him. He hoped to acquire the entire collection.

This is the first G A Henty audio adventure produced by Bill and Kim Heid. I borrowed Jared Brewer's copy and listened to it on my drive to Waterloo, Iowa. The highway police appreciated the fact that I never got drowsy, because I was so engrossed by the story. Thank you for blessing us with this timeless adventure, and I hope that you produce the entire series."-- Dixie Abbott Shaff

"I listened to it in my car, going back and forth to work, or wherever I go, and I'm finding myself sitting in my garage trying to catch up on more of it because I just don't want to turn it off. The sound effects, the story, everything is just amazing. I encourage everyone to get it and they'll be just like me, they're not going to want to turn it off. I think it's a great project. Thank you!"-- Carol S.

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